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  1999 CHALLENGER 604 


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AIRFRAME STATUS                        (As of January 23, 2006)        DATE OF MANUFACTURE:  July 1999

                                                                                              ENTERED INTO SERVICE:  January 2000

TOTAL TIME:                         1979.9 hours

LANDINGS:                              879

MAINTENANCE STATUS:  Enrolled on CAMP                ENGINE STATUS:  General Electric CF34-3B

Hourly Requirements             Calendar Requirements                    LEFT: Serial Number:           872399

  100    Hr due @ 1984.9         6 Month due in 06/06                                   Hours:                         1979.7

  400    Hr due @ 2028.2        12 Month due in 01/07                                   Cycles:                         894

  800    Hr due @ 2428.2        24 Month due in 01/07                                   Overhaul Due:    “On Condition”

1600    Hr due @ 3228.2        36 Month due in 01/09

2400    Hr due @ 2400           48 Month due in 08/07                     RIGHT:  Serial Number:           872400

3200    Hr due @ 3200           96 Month due in 01/08                                   Hours:                         1979.7

                                                                                                             Cycles:                         894

                                                                                                          Overhaul Due:   “On Condition”


APU:               Garrett GTCP 36-100E                                             WEIGHTS:

Serial Number:                       P620                                                  Gross Weight (Ramp):          48,350 lbs.

Hours Since New:                  1587                                                   Max Take Off Weight:                        48,200 lbs.

Overhaul /HSI c/w:                 @ 246 Hrs (by Honeywell PHX)        Empty Weight :                       26,272 lbs.

TSO/TSHSI:                           1341 Hrs (due @ 2346 Hrs)              Fuel Capacity:                        19,852 lbs.

  400 hr due:                           @ 1824 Hrs                                        Max Landing Weight:              38,000 lbs.

  800 hr due:                           @ 2334 Hrs                                        Max Zero Fuel Weight:           32,000 lbs.


1600 hr due:                           @ 1600 Hrs

2100 hr due:                           @ 2346 Hrs


AVIONICS:  Collins ProLine 4 System

Dual Collins FCC-4006 Digital Flight Control Computers

Dual Collins ADC-850(E) Digital Air Data Computers

Dual Collins AVSAT FMS-6000 Flight Management Systems

Dual Collins DCU-4000 series Data Concentrator Units

Triple Litton-101 IRS with Single Mode Select Unit

Single Dual Channel Collins Integrated Avionics Processing Systems (IAPS)

Six (7 ¼” x 7 ¼”) EFIS display tubes with EICAS (EFD-4077)

Collins MDC-4000 Maintenance Diagnostic Computer

Four color Collins Weather Radar with turbulence detection (RTA 854)

Collins Radio Altimeter (ALT 55B)

Dual Collins HF-9000 HF Communications System

Selcal Decoder System

Dual Collins VHF-422C Comm Transceivers  (8.33 Spacing)

Third Collins VHF-422B Comm Transceiver

Dual Collins VIR-432 Nav Receivers (FM Immunity compliant)

Dual Collins DME-442 Distance Measuring Equipment

Dual Collins ADF-462 Automatic Direction Finders

Dual Collins TDR-94D Transponder (C/W SB 604-34-038 Elementary Mode S Surveillance/ACAS II)

Dual Collins RTU-4200 Radio Tuning (C/W SB 604-34-038 Elementary Mode S Surveillance/ACAS II)

Cockpit Voice Recorder Model: A100S Part #: S100-0080-01 (L3)



RVSM Qualified

AFIS by Allied Signal

Loral Flight Data Recorder

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System w/Terrain/Obstacle Awareness & Windshear

Collins TCAS II TTR-920 with Change 7

Dual Collins GPS-4000

Dual Davtron digital clocks

SAFEFLITE Auto Power System (Auto-Throttles) with Service Letters #56 & #57 c/w Feburary 2004

Magnastar C2000 Digital Airborne Telephone System, dual handsets (1 mid-cabin, 1 cockpit)

AIRSAT 1 / Iridium Airborne Communications System

Baggage compartment Smoke Detector

Airshow 400 Network, DUI upgraded May 2004 ~ Updates through MagnaStar C2000

Lightning Detection System per SB604-34-008

AirTex ELT C406-N w/GPS Installed December 2004

1 Winslow Softpack Life Raft with FAR 135 survival equipment and TeckTest 406 mhz Portable ELT

1 Winslow Hard Pack Life Raft with FAR 135 survival equipment

Jumpseat located in Galley drawer behind co-pilot, manufacture Derlan

Additional Cabin Windows

60 Hertz Power Convertor

BAKER Audio System: Video Cassette Player, CD Player with 12 disc removable cartridge, DVD Player,        Dual 17” Video Monitors: 1- Fwd R/H bulkhead, 1- Aft L/H bulkhead

Galley ~ Nespresso Machine, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Oven, Oven Controller, Wine Drawer 

Dual FG-4000 Electronic Flight Bags by Advanced Data Research, Class 1 fully portable / carry on

WSI AV-200 with simultaneous display on both EFB’s and GPS interface from Airshow GPS bus

EFB w/JeppView FliteDeck by Jeppesen will display GPS position simultaneous with WSI


Completion Center: Bombardier Completion Center, Tucson, Arizona December 1999

Configuration:          Ten passengers seats and one galley jumpseat.  Four executive club chairs forward                              with foldout executive tables. One four place berthable divan aft, right side with life raft                           and life vest storage. Opposite are two executive club chairs with foldout executive                                table.

Colors/Fabrics:         Interior materials described have been flammability tested IAW FAR 25 Appendix “F”,                             Parts I & II and found to satisfy FAR 25.853 (a), (c), and 25.855 (d).

Carpet:                                  100% Wool, two custom colors, pattern tapisweave w/thin yarn twisted, number                                                14837, Edward Fields.

Woodwork and Trim:           Satin Finished Bird-Eye Maple and F/C White Maple.

Interior Plating                   24K Brushed Antique Gold.

All Cabin Seats:                    Color Wheat, Patern Brulee, Number BR06, Edleman Leather.  ( Also: Cockpit                                      pedestal & pouches, Bulkhead panels, Crew Seat Boxing and Inserts, Jumpseat                                               Boxing, Insert, and Armrest, Main Door Frame Close-out, Baggage Door Flap                                         and Pull Down Strap).

Divan:                                    Ghent Linen Chenille, Number 03 Galliano.

Dado Panels/Lav Seat:       Color Forrest Green, Leather Pattern Cow, Number 4204, Volo Leather.                                     

Dado Trim:                            Fabric, Color Sports Green, Pattern Around Town, Number AT-28, Paul Brayton.

Aft Lavatory Bulkhead:       Fabric, Pattern Chaine Silk, Number 8550-02, Glant.

Crew Seat Covers & Jumpseat Covers: Sheepskin, Color Honey, Pattern Aerolamb, Aeristo.

Main Cabin Lower Sidewalls and Window Shades: Ultraleather, Color Sand, Izit Leather.

Cockpit Entry, Main Cabin Headliner, Upper Cabin & Lavatory Sidewalls, and PSU’s:  Ultraleather, Color Almond, Number 3599, Tapis Corporation.                                               

EXTERIOR:                         Bombardier Tucson during original completion delivery 1/2000.

Sherman Williams Paint:

                                             Overall - Matterhorn White CMO 8100003

                                              Stripes - Alpine Green M10710

                                             Stripes - Antique Gold stripes M10512

Price : $ 20.600.000 

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