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    1990 ROBINSON R 22 BETA  


General Information

Model: Robinson R22 Beta

Year: 1990

Status: Available

Registration: 4X-BBQ

Location: Israel

Price: $135,000

Detailed Description

882 Hrs. TTAF

No Damage History

Twelve years inspection carried out on May 2005


King Nav/Comm KX-155

Xponder King KT-76A

King VOR/LOC KI-208

ELT Pointer 3000


Main gearbox, p/n A006-1, 0:00 hours TSO.

Tail gearbox, p/n A021-1, 0:00 hours TSO.

Fan wheel assy., p/n B174-1, new, 0:00 hours TSN.

Fan-shaft bearing assy, p/n A007-5, new, 0:00 hours TSN.

Clutch, p/n A018-1, 0:00 hours TSO.

Clutch actuator, p/n A051-1, 0:00 hours TSO.

Swashplate, p/n A017-2, 0:00 hours TSO.

V belt set, p/n A190-2, new, 0:00 hours TSN.

Alternator belt, p/n 3VX375, new, 0:00 hours TSN.

Fuel and oil hoses- all new.


Main rotor blades, p/n A016-4, both new, 0:0 hours TSN.

Main rotor hub, p/n A005-5, 0:00 hours TSO.

Exterior Status

All new Red paint

Interior Status

Beige upholstery seats- excellent condition

Other Information

All SB's & AD's up to date

All logs available

Fresh Israeli C of A

Can be fitted with floats kit at extra cost

Located in Israel (LLHZ). can be crated in a container and shipped anywhere.








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