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    2000 KINGAIR C-90B  


s/n LJ-1583     F-HADR

No Damage History


Total Time:                        1800 Hrs (Engine and Airframe)

Engines:                        Left: 0 SHSI                        Right: 0 SHSI

Propellers:                        Left : due 02-2011                        Right: due 02-2011                                                

Avionics:                        Collins Proline II with 3 Tube EFIS

                        COM                        Dual Collins VHF 22A w/ CTL-22

                        NAV                        Dual Collins VIR 32 w/ FM Immunity

                        AUTOPILOT                        Collins APS 65H

                        RADAR                        Collins WXR 270

                        DME                        Collins DME 42

                        ADF                        Collins ADF 60A w/ CTL-62

                        TXPDR                        Dual Collins TDR 94 Mode S

                        GPS                        King KLN 90B

                        CVR                        L3 Communications

                        STORMSCOPE                         BFG WX-1000E


Equipment:                        Digital Encod. Altimeter Meggit                        Auto Feather w/ Reverse

                        Shadin ADC 200 Fuel Computer                        FliteFone VI Wulfsberg

                        Skywatch Traffic Advisory                        Entrance Door Step Lights

                        Digital Altimeter Meggit                         Polarizing Windows

                        Synchrophaser                        Intercom

                        Air conditioning                         Ground Clearance Switch

                        Aft Cabin Partitions with Curtains                        Dual Door Cables

                        4 Blade Raisbeck Props                        Anti Collision Lights

                        Strobe & Recognition Lights                        64 Cu. Ft. Oxygen

                        Cockpit Fire Extinguisher (Halon)                        Dual Door Cable                                            

Exterior:                        Excellent Condition: Overall White w/, Jade Mist Green & Gold Metallic Stripes.

Interior: Excellent Condition: Light Beige Leather Seats in Club Seating - Side Facing Seat and Aft Belted Potty - Jaguar Green Plush Carpet – Beige Leather Cabin Maintenance Runner - Beige Ultra Suede Headliner - All Walnut Burl High Gloss.

Remarks: Special Jaguar Edition - NDH - All Logs Complete, Up-To-Date and Continuous - All Loose Equipment Available - 2 Owners - Phase 1-4 c/w June 04 - Phase 1 c/w December 04 - Phase 2 c/w June 05.

Asking Price: US$ 2,090,000


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