Atatürk made frequent tours of the country. While visiting Gemlik and
Bursa, Atatürk caught a chill. He returned to Istanbul to be treated and
to rest. But, unfortunately Atatürk was seriously ill. At. 9.05 on the
10th of November 1938, Atatürk died. But he attained immortality in the
eyes of his people. Since the moment of his death, his beloved name and
memory have been engraved on the hearts of his people. As a commander he
had been the victor of many battles, as a leader he had influenced the
masses, as a statesman he had led a successful administration, and as a
revolutionary he had striven to alter the social, cultural, economic,
political and legal str ucture of society at its roots. He was one of the
most eminent personalities in the history of the world. History will count
him among the most glorious sons of the Turkish nation and one of the
great leaders of mankind.